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Games, Not Gamification.

The healthcare industry has embraced gamification in an attempt to engage users in its ecosystem of engagement and digital health platforms. The problem is, it doesn’t work. Engagement metrics continue to fall short despite industry demand continuing to rise. The secret – people want games, not "gamified" health products.

Our approach is simple – we drive health engagement and interaction within traditional mobile games.


Why Games? The Numbers Don’t Lie.

With a built-in audience across all demographics, mobile games capture and keep people’s attention!

#1 in Entertainment

Mobile games are the #1 form of entertainment in the world with over 220M players in the US alone!

Growing Audience

Almost 80% of US mobile users are active gamers with expected industry growth of 10% per year!

Frequent Utilization

Active mobile gamers consistently spend more than 43% of their “smartphone time” playing games.

Highly Scalable

With a captive and growing audience, mobile games have an incomparable ability to scale and spread!

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